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Customer details
It is necessary that we collect personal data at the time of reservation, such as name, telephone, address, email etc. in order for us to process the booking. This data is held securely for these purposes only and is not issued to any third party, other than the hotel you have reserved.

Credit cards
Credit card details are held in the strictest confidence and are never issued to another party, other than the hotel you have reserved. This card is used to guarantee your reservation only and will not be charged by the hotel prior to arrival, only authorised for authenticity.
We use 128 bit encryption on all personal details gathered on this site.
We can answer any questions about security. Please contact through the customer care section of the website.

Email promotions
2Scandinavia.com offer you the chance to subscribe to receive special offers updates and promotions by email. Unless otherwise instructed, we will forward you these promotions when we have them. We use this facility for your benefit and offer you the chance to unsubscribe at any time. We do not give out your details to any third party.


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